The development of Strabon started in the context of European FP7 project SemsorGrid4Env (Semantic Sensor Grids for Rapid Application Development for Environmental Management).

Strabon was then extended with new functionalities in the FP7 project TELEIOS (Virtual Observatory Infrastructure for Earth Observation Data) and in the Ph.D. thesis of Kostis Kyzirakos.

In TELEIOS Strabon supported the development of the FIREHUB service of the National Observatory of Athens and a semantic catalogue for the TerraSAR-X archive of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Subsequently, Strabon was used in FP7 projects LEO and Melodies to store data from the following applications:

Currently, Strabon is used in the H2020 project Copernicus App Lab to store data from three Copernicus services (Land, Marine and Atmosphere) as linked data.


Our team will present a tutorial on "ReQuLGD: Representation and Querying for Linked Geospatial Data" at ISWC 2017 in Vienna on October 21st. Don't miss it! Until then, make sure that you check the tutorial page to stay tuned.

Our team will present our work on tools for storing, querying, publishing and visualizing linked geospatial data at FOSS4G-Europe. See you in Paris!

Check out another great MELODIES use-case in which Strabon is used to store and query timeseries data.

Check out a very interesting blog post about using Strabon and Silk to store, query and interlink soil moisture data in the context of the EU project MELODIES.

Our team, in collaboration with CWI gave a tutorial on Publishing and Interlinking Linked Geospatial Data at ESWC 2015.

Our team will present a paper on a Benchmark for Geospatial RDF Stores and a demo on Visualizing Time-Evolving Linked Geospatial Data at ISWC 2013.

Our team won the best demonstration award at ESWC 2013 for Sextant. Check out the demo.

Our team will present a paper on the temporal features of Strabon at ESWC 2013.

Our submission to the Semantic Web Challenge won the third place! Thanks! Check out the real-time fire monitoring operational service.

Our team presented a paper on Strabon, a paper on Querying Linked Geospatial Data with Incomplete Information, a demo paper, an invited demo and our submission to the Semantic Web Challenge at ISWC 2012.

Tutorial on Data Models and Query Languages for Linked Geospatial Data at RW 2012.

Tutorial on Linked Geospatial Data at ESWC 2012.