The development of Strabon started in the context of European FP7 project SemsorGrid4Env (Semantic Sensor Grids for Rapid Application Development for Environmental Management).

Strabon was then extended with new functionalities in the FP7 project TELEIOS (Virtual Observatory Infrastructure for Earth Observation Data) and in the Ph.D. thesis of Kostis Kyzirakos.

In TELEIOS Strabon supported the development of the FIREHUB service of the National Observatory of Athens and a semantic catalogue for the TerraSAR-X archive of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Subsequently, Strabon was used in FP7 projects LEO and Melodies to store data from the following applications:

Currently, Strabon is used in the H2020 project Copernicus App Lab to store data from three Copernicus services (Land, Marine and Atmosphere) as linked data.